So Thankful!


The last two weeks have been crazy!  I have been struggling to just keep up with my day to day duties.  We had the oh so nasty norovirus and I have been having migraines…and for those of you who have them like I do, you know how they can really put your life on hold.  
     But in the end I am thankful to the Lord because my family is happy and healthy! 
     I have also been excited because my first batch of chicks hatched from the incubator!  Well sort of anyways.
     I bought two batches of eggs off ebay and unfortunately they arrived on different days.   If you have used an incubator before than you know that the last few days are crucial.  The humidity must be raised for hatching.  Well I didn’t really think the entire process through when I was incubating them together.  I decided to do a dry hatch.  I think overall it would have been perfect except I had to take out the first set of eggs three days early and stick them under my broody silkie hen.  They pipped and peeped at the correct times but they couldn’t get out of their shells because the shells had become glued to their little bodies because there was no extra humidity and I have a wood stove burning which zaps a lot of the moisture out of the air.   
     There is a big rule when you have chicks hatching and that is “Never help them!”.   I didn’t feel like I had any other choice.  So I helped each one out and had to give them baths because they were soooooo sticky.  Poor little things were so scared!  I figured they were all goners, but boy was I wrong!  They are all up and running!  This first batch is Marans.  So stinkin cute!  The second batch will be Olive eggers.   My silkie is so happy she finally hatched something! 


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