Miss Maggie!


This little lady is a sweet hen that I bought from an amish farm down the road.  That is why she has clipped beak.   I personally have never had to do that.  I have about 25 chickens and with free ranging them I don’t have a pecking issue.
She is the oldest hen we have.  She doesn’t lay anymore but we don’t care, Miss Maggie is family;)
Everyone that knows us asks where Maggie is when they come over.  She likes to hang out with us on the deck when we are out there.  She is definately the ruler of the coop!
As you can see there isn’t much grass yet:(  The drought last year killed much of it off.  My chicken’s have been so excited to see patches of it coming back!  I think it is so much healthier if they aren’t so dependent on feed.


Naughty chickens!


Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks!
A few days ago my husband went out to the coop  to fill up the feed can and came back and said I had a dead chicken laying there.  So I went to the coop to check it out and I look all around and check for signs of what predator was in there.  I am checking everywhere when I spot a grey silkie in the corner…but wait…I dont have a grey silkie.  Then it turns and looks at me and it’s a huge possum!  It is cowering in a corner so I locked up the coop and ran to get super hubby to get it out.  He quickly disposed of the problem and I noticed a huge hole it dug in the corner.  I think I actually locked it in the coop with my poor chickens.   What a day that was!
Well, since then the chickens have been a bit off.   That first night after that about half of them slept under the deck.  Now they are all back in the coop at night but I have a bunch that are now laying their eggs in the goat house.  I had to put a bin in there filled with shavings for the little stinkers to lay their eggs in.

R.I.P. Bullseye


I took this picture of my  door today.  You can see my goat, Jessie, lounging against the back door.  She has a pretty big sized yard but I decided to open it up for now as she mourns her brother “Bullseye” who passed away on Monday.  I am not sure what happened.  But he went quick.  I had a rough few days, but I found that spending more time with Jessie helped me and my goat not be so sad.  I have started her on a herbal wormer to supplement along with her regular wormer.   I also started giving her baking soda to make sure her tummy is ok.  She seems ok.  She is eating and drinking fine.  But now she follows me everywhere because I know she is lonely.  I hung out on the deck with her for a while today and I really enjoy having her closer.