Miss Maggie!


This little lady is a sweet hen that I bought from an amish farm down the road.  That is why she has clipped beak.   I personally have never had to do that.  I have about 25 chickens and with free ranging them I don’t have a pecking issue.
She is the oldest hen we have.  She doesn’t lay anymore but we don’t care, Miss Maggie is family;)
Everyone that knows us asks where Maggie is when they come over.  She likes to hang out with us on the deck when we are out there.  She is definately the ruler of the coop!
As you can see there isn’t much grass yet:(  The drought last year killed much of it off.  My chicken’s have been so excited to see patches of it coming back!  I think it is so much healthier if they aren’t so dependent on feed.


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