Guineas…love em’ or leave em’!

Guineas are fantastic to have around the yard.  They eat tons of bugs including their favorite snack…ticks!  Yup…they love those little blood suckers.  They are great for gardening too.  They will eat bugs off of plants without hurting the plants themselves.  (Most of the time anyway.)  The only drawback is if you are like me and have a toddler that still naps and they decide they see something they don’t like and start barking.  They are loud!  I have to shoo them away from the house at times.  Since we have had them we rarely see many ticks.  So I would tell anyone that has a few acres to go get two or three and enjoy living without pesticides in their yard!


So Excited!

Waiting for their morning treat!

Waiting for their morning treat!

I have been dying to share my life with my chickens with others.  I have had chickens for about a year and half and it’s been the most enriching experience.  When people talk to me about whether or not they should have chickens it takes me about 2 seconds or less to say..”You will love it!”  They are peaceful little creatures that don’t need much from the world.  When I have a hard day with the kids or I need to de-stress for any reason I go spend a few minutes walking among them and I am instantly relaxed.  So I say to all of you that are just thinking about it…Stop thinking and go for it!  (After checking out your local requirements and limits for poultry.  This is very important!)  I will post a pic tomorrow so you can see my life with my chickens!