New additions to the family!

may 14, 2013 255

I ordered these from a hatchery and they came in the middle of March.  I ordered two of each kind but the other Pekin died within hours of arrival.  When they arrived I noticed the white Pekin in the picture above had a spot on her side.  I dismissed it as a skin discoloration.  She acted fine and was eating and drinking so I thought nothing of it.  After about a week I noticed the spot had grown quickly and was turning green and I had absolutely no idea what to do.  I was scouring the internet looking to see if anyone had encountered something similar, no luck.  I made the decision to use the knowledge I had from treating my chickens.  I gave her a shot of Tylan (which is mainly for respiratory issues).  I knew it may not work but I had to try because I could tell it was an infection and she was so small I knew it would kill her quickly.  I also coated the infection with vaseline to seal it.   (That was an idea I got from another blogger).  After giving her the first shot she was tired but the next morning seemed a tad better.  I gave her three shots of it total and then I just waited.  She limped around for about two weeks because the infection had gotten into her side under her wing.  She was also picking at it a bunch so I coated it with Blu-Kote and then she left it alone (she quickly learned it tasted nasty….which was obvious from her having a purple bill the next day).  I have been waiting to put them on here until I knew for sure she was going to be OK.  Well, the Tylan worked.  The infection is all gone and her feathers grew in over the area.  She is the sweetest girl!  We have named her Mango after my daughters favorite fruit:)


Backyard chickens

Looks like I got back on here sooner than expected!

My chicken coop is in my backyard and I love it!  My hubby and my dad converted it from a horse stable last summer and it has worked out great.  It is nice and roomy for the chickens.  I highly recommend using whatever materials you may already have at your disposal.  Chickens don’t require much so they don’t need a Taj Mahal of a coop.  I was fortunate enough to already have a barn that wasn’t being used, but you can use almost anything that will provide them a shelter.  If you are only going to have 2-4 chickens you could just use a dog house.  If you are in a neighborhood you will also need to build a coop yard.  It doesn’t need to be huge but big enough for the little cuties to get some exercise.  We are planning to build our coop yard onto the coop this spring.  As soon as that gets started I will share some pics of it.

I also wanted to share some pics with you of my chicken family.  So here is the first of many to come!


Here is a pic of my Mille Fleur.  She is a sweet girl!

So Excited!

Waiting for their morning treat!

Waiting for their morning treat!

I have been dying to share my life with my chickens with others.  I have had chickens for about a year and half and it’s been the most enriching experience.  When people talk to me about whether or not they should have chickens it takes me about 2 seconds or less to say..”You will love it!”  They are peaceful little creatures that don’t need much from the world.  When I have a hard day with the kids or I need to de-stress for any reason I go spend a few minutes walking among them and I am instantly relaxed.  So I say to all of you that are just thinking about it…Stop thinking and go for it!  (After checking out your local requirements and limits for poultry.  This is very important!)  I will post a pic tomorrow so you can see my life with my chickens!