Backyard chickens

Looks like I got back on here sooner than expected!

My chicken coop is in my backyard and I love it!  My hubby and my dad converted it from a horse stable last summer and it has worked out great.  It is nice and roomy for the chickens.  I highly recommend using whatever materials you may already have at your disposal.  Chickens don’t require much so they don’t need a Taj Mahal of a coop.  I was fortunate enough to already have a barn that wasn’t being used, but you can use almost anything that will provide them a shelter.  If you are only going to have 2-4 chickens you could just use a dog house.  If you are in a neighborhood you will also need to build a coop yard.  It doesn’t need to be huge but big enough for the little cuties to get some exercise.  We are planning to build our coop yard onto the coop this spring.  As soon as that gets started I will share some pics of it.

I also wanted to share some pics with you of my chicken family.  So here is the first of many to come!


Here is a pic of my Mille Fleur.  She is a sweet girl!